Here's what we can share so far about our latest projects
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Nikhil & Jay

Nikhil and Jay is an hilarious 11'00 animated family sitcom, aimed at 4-6 year olds. The series is set in an Anglo-Indian family with its glorious blend of customs, traditions and relatives. It is based on books written by Chitra Soundar.
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Me Time

Me Time introduces mindfulness to the 4-8 year old audience. An animated narrative focuses on every day, relatable scenarios. Stories are full of comedy and are inspired by real children’s experiences so come from a place of authenticity. We learn to accept and sit with feelings together.
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Let's Go!

Let's Go is an animated show about friendship, adventure and multilingualism! It follows a tight group of friends who come from diverse backgrounds and who happen to speak a variety of languages between them. Multiple languages are just a normal part of their lives – as they are for so many children across the UK.

Plus many more which we can't tell you about just yet! Shhh!