Impact on kids

Here are a selection of messages we’ve received from around the world telling us how our work has impacted children's lives

I can’t express my gratitude enough in an email for your series “Yakka Dee”. My 2 year old daughter has suspected autism and is largely non-verbal. Since your series started, she is in awe and every episode she tries to say the words. The change in her is incredible. You should feel really proud about what you may not realise you are achieving with your work. I’m sure I am not the only parent affected by this! Whilst I am writing this, Chloe is sat next to me saying “cup”, something she never did until 3 weeks ago. ” Thank you again for helping improve my families lives!!!

Little girl reading a pop-up Yakka Dee book Little girl reading a pop-up Yakka Dee book

My 18 month old flew through her speech assessment this morning. I told them she’s learnt a lot from Yakka Dee.

I just wanted to say a huge, massive thank you to you all for your amazing new program Yakka Dee. My children are both autistic. My son, who is about to turn three is non-verbal and absolutely loves this program. It’s encouraged him to attempt to say a few words. This is massive progress for him!

Dee in the car with a friend Dee in the car with a friend

Thank you so much for bringing such a positive show into our homes. Keep on helping others to help themselves.

Dee teaching a friend a new word Dee teaching a friend a new word

I am from South Africa. My son is 5yrs old and is non verbal he has been diagnosed on the ASD spectrum. We recently discovered your show. For the last 4yrs we have been going for various therapies, but progress has always been very slow. Your show is an absolute help in the few months watching it my son is participating all the time and growing his vocab. Your show is the type of intervention non verbal kids require.

Cool cocktail cup Cool cocktail cup