Here's what we can share so far about our latest projects
Yakka Dee Hello World Yakka Dee Hello World

Yakka Dee goes global!

King Banana have been working closely with a pre-school language expert to develop a format that teaches pre-school children words from around the world. Based on the idea that making friends is the key to inspiring new languages, this new idea opens up the world to children and inspires them to try their best to communicate. Immersing children in new languages at this stage provides a strong foundation for their future learning.
Me Time Logo Me Time Logo

King Banana takes a moment

We have teamed up with a family psychotherapist to work on a format that brings Mindfulness to the pre-school audience.
Gus lauging Gus lauging

King Banana has a laugh

King Banana is working on a new comedy format- and having a great time testing it out with loads of giggling children!

Plus many more which we can't tell you about just yet! Shhh!