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Yakka Dee 4&5 Yakka Dee 4&5

Yakka Dee! Series 4&5

40 new shows for CBeebies!
CBeebies have commissioned 40 more episodes of Yakka Dee! Series 4&5 are currently in production, and will complete the audience''s developmental journey in Speech and Language. *Production has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but will resume as soon as possible*
Yakka Dee Drum Yakka Dee Drum

Yakka Dee! Series 3

20 x 5 minutes for CBeebies
The third series of smash-hit show, Yakka Dee!, stated showing on CBeebies in 2019. The series further advances the audience's development by introducing more advanced words and phonemes. BBC Studios invested in the series and all episodes from Series 1-3 are currently showing worldwide!
Dee with a banana Dee with a banana

Yakka Dee! Series 2

20 x 5 minutes for CBeebies
After the huge success of Yakka Dee! series 1, King Banana original production Yakka Dee! is back on CBeebies for 20 more episodes. The clear, humour-filled format encourages children to speak and has had a huge impact on many children’s lives. BBC Studios invested in this series. We are excited to announce that series 3 is due to air later in 2019.
Dee with a bus Dee with a bus

Yakka Dee! Series 1

20 x 5 minutes for CBeebies
Have you seen the look on a child’s face when they say a word for the first time? They are filled with joy, positive self-esteem and social confidence. But, 1 in 10 children in the UK have speech & language difficulties. 1 in 6 primary school children in the UK does not speak English as a first language. To answer this need, Yakka Dee! was born. Each episode of Yakka Dee! concentrates on one word. The words featured in series 1 focus on the first sounds children can vocalise, making it especially helpful for young children, those with speech delay, autism or English as a second language. Shots are from a child’s eye view and aim to imprint a clear visual for them to take away. Dee is an animated Anglo-Indian girl, and encourages children to say the word with her! Many children, from all different backgrounds, see themselves represented in Dee and her bounce and humour engage the younger end of the audience without alienating older children who may also benefit from the show. Fist aired on CBeebies in 2017, Yakka Dee!’s viewing figures have been phenomenal. BBC Studios have invested and the BBC have commissioned 40 more episodes- coming soon!
The Numtums The Numtums


22 x 5 minutes for CBeebies
King Banana’s first collaboration was this quick fire numbers show. The team wrote, produced and directed the show. The format is simple with an instantly recognizable style. The characters have since been developed for a narrative animation.